We anxiously waited in the reception area of Operation Stand Down to learn more about their organization and were greeted by Bill Burleigh. He  gave us a personal tour of their facility and explained what they do, introducing us to all the various people who work tirelessly in providing services to all honorably discharged vets with a special emphasis on those who are homeless.  Bill is a compassionate man, but I was also impressed with the fact that  he has been running the organization many years and yet  showed no signs of complacency. He is all about the work that needs to be done.

I was with Michael Rowan, one of our sponsors and co owner of “Sign me up” signmeupllc.com  visual brand development headquartered  here in Nashville. He is also a vet  and  we  knew we wanted to give back to our military.

Michael casually told me “I used to jump out of airplanes”,  I said…..”Really”?  You never told me that?. Michael was moved by all the stories from the people we met.
Several staff members quickly stopped what they were doing to shake our hands in the hopes that we were their “relief person”.  I had to apologize  and say “were just looking around”. Make no mistake, they work continuously
assisting veterans and their families so that they can be self-sustaining and better connected to the community.

They also operate a transitional Housing Program providing and/or coordinating all the necessary after care, social and support services for honorably discharged veterans who are homeless.
It was a easy decision for Michael and myself to make. We were both moved by the stories and the people there working.
I would encourage anyone to take the time to see first hand all the work that goes on to help our vets and veteran families at Operation stand down on 12th ave and Edge Hill.
Special thanks to Bill Burleigh and everyone at Operation Stand Down. http://www.osdnashville.org