Dolly Parton

My father leaped out of our dodge dart and said “Wait in the car”.  I was use to that. Peering outside the car window, dad dashed into the grocery store pushing a shopping cart with a big grin,  and quickly caught up with a women who had just entered the A & P grocery store.  I sat alone in the car, with the window cranked down and my chin resting on my forearm watching whatever passed by. I was 11, 12 years old and bored. What is taking dad so long?

Finally  dad returned with another woman with a similar looking grin except she had dimples. Dad said  ”I want you to meet my son, he wants your autograp, … hold her groceries”. I took her groceries and put them on the seat next to me.  She leaned forward and asked me my name ” Joby? You are so cute” She giggled and sashayed to and fro as she signed a scrap piece of paper. She was very pretty and gave us both a a big hug. She asked us, “where are my groceries?” I can see my dad’s face  light up to this day, looking like a lebanese Dick Van Dyke… standing their in his motor oil stained work clothes, and feeling like a million dollars. My dad busted out in the deepest, biggest voice i know laughing…and said ” He put them in the backseat”!  Seemed logical to me considering I was handed the groceries and seated in the backseat? ” Dad and I  met the up and coming biggest star of country music in the parking lot of A & P grocery store on Nolensville road, Nashville Tn, (around 1974)  she and my dad laughed so hard together, at what I thought was my stupidity?

I didn’t know what was soooo funny to Dolly and Dad.  Until now, I understand the nervous loud laughter was due to the fact that Dad had the hots for Dolly. Well, it was much more than that. Besides her musical talent, Dolly has such a gift for making others feel special. Thats why she is so special to us. Dad told that story his whole life with that same big grin.  Thank you Dolly. - Joby Saad



In our eyes, Dolly Parton embodies all of the qualities of a Southern belle. From that delicate yet powerful voice to the sky high platinum blonde hair, we’ll always love Dolly. That’s why this week we’re paying tribute to the music legend. Scroll down for more of our favorite photos of Dolly Parton.

I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb… and I also know that I’m not blonde.” – Dolly Parton

Portrait of Dolly Parton



Dolly Parton