Bellamy Baylor
Category: Music

Meet Bellamy Baylor… a beauty inside and out! Bellamy is not only an unusual name but also an unusual talent.

Native to Music City USA, growing up in Nashville has given Bellamy a unique perspective and a desire to add her own spice to the hometown country scene. A natural-born songwriter, she penned her first tune at age six. Always the imaginative dreamer, it was titled “He’s a Pro Kisser”…though she’d never been kissed. Bellamy continued to grow as an artist, not only pursuing her first love, singing and writing, but also theatre and dance… anything that gave her a creative outlet and an audience. She is multi-talented as an entertainer, a truly accomplished and captivating singer. Born to be on stage.

Thriving on the energy, excitement, the audience response – it fuels the fire that drives her to perform. “I’m a live singer,” she adds. “Live performance evokes a passion in me unlike anything else I know. I’m telling life’s stories through music…sharing a piece of me. I love to see people respond to that.

Vocally, it’s hard to box her in. Bellamy can rev it up with a rocking uptempo or rip your heart out with every sad detail of a heavy ballad, making you want to hear more. With country heart and unexpected nuances of soul and blues, it’s apparent she’s been a sponge for an eclectic variety of musical influences.

Bellamy Baylor IS that fresh, exciting new talent with a great contribution to make to the world of country music. While paying homage to those who have trekked this path before, Bellamy is set on blazing all new trails and putting on a great show along the way!